2014-05-29 03:00 pm

Is it a full album?

Yes it is. This is TAEYANG’s second full album called with a total of 9 songs,
the first full album in 4 years
since his 1st one on July 1, 2010.

What can you tell us about the title track?

TAEYANG partook in composing and writing of several tracks in his 2nd album
but the sole title track is “EYES, NOSE, LIPS,“
a joint production of YG’s main producers TEDDY and DEE.P.

For the past few years most YG artists chose and promoted two or three title tracks
so what is the reason behind the decision to pick a single title track
for TAEYANG’s latest album?

As most songs in TAEYANG’s 2nd album were regarded as title tracks at different phases,
selecting joint title tracks was the hardest task.

This is why we chose “EYES, NOSE, LIPS” as a single title track
and decided to focus on it for early promotion.

We offered TAEYANG to be in charge of his solo-album production 4 years ago
and late last year, when the album was nearing completion,
we were about to make tracks #8 “LET GO,” #3 “1AM” and #5 ”BODY” the three title tracks.

However, TAEYANG was keen to work further on the album and at the end of last year,
YG actively got involved. As a result we added tracks #7 “THIS AIN’T IT,”
#4 “STAY WITH ME” featuring G-DRAGON,
and lastly “EYES, NOSE, LIPS”—
which eventually became the single title song of the album.

As mentioned, every time a new song was added, it was excellent enough to be the title
track, but “EYES, NOSE, LIPS” became the single title
because when TAEYANG sang the first line, it was so powerful that our plans of the past
few years simply evaporated.

The excitement was passed on to me as I watched him record the song,
I even suggested, “Young Bae, what about filming an M/V like this for this song?”—
this was the first time for me to propose an idea for a music video for a YG artist since
BIGMAMA’s “BREAK AWAY” music video 11 years ago.

That is how much affection I have for “EYES, NOSE, LIPS.”

The prominent feature of “EYES, NOSE, LIPS “ would be:
From “DON’T CHEAT ON ME” to the recent “RINGA LINGA,” most title tracks accompanied
dance—but “EYES, NOSE, LIPS “ is an R&B slow song that steers away from dance moves
and maximizes the strengths of TAEYANG’s sentimental voice.

Single title track means one music video?

Not exactly… We are unveiling 3 music videos.

The music video of the title track “EYES, NOSE, LIPS“
will be unveiled simultaneously with the online album on June 2nd at 12 a.m.

And the music video of “1AM” with the offline album on June 10th at 1 a.m.

We recently decided to have an additional video with “BODY”,
the fastest-tempo song in the 2nd album, which we are considering as the follow-up track.

The current making process of “BODY,” to be directed by Seo Hyun Seung, indicates that
the release date is estimated around mid-June.

Thoughts on TAEYANG’s imminent 2nd album release as the producer?

Apart from “RINGA LINGA,” which was already released as a single last year,
there will be 8 songs in TAEYANG’s 2nd album, including the intro.

To fill you in with more details,
despite having 20 complete songs that TAEYANG recorded for the 2nd album,
we carefully selected 9 songs in respect of his wish to focus more on quality than quantity
but all songs are truly exceptional
that they could all be title tracks.

Although there are more I want to say about the latest album
I believe it is right for TAEYANG to do it himself when it is released.

TAEYANG’s 2nd album, fruit borne after 4 years of hard work…

Stay tuned, everyone!

P.S. This morning PSY’s news about new song was broadcasted by the American media.

I will be back soon with more details on PSY and YG’s new boy group “WINNER.”

Thank You.
2014. 5. 29.